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Is it Time for a New Wardrobe Signs the Time has Come

Most people reach a point when they stand in front of their closet and come to the same conclusion – they have absolutely nothing to wear. At this point, they have several options, they can try to make something work, or throw everything out and start over. While the second option isn’t feasible for most people, it can be appealing.

Before throwing in the towel, and starting over completely, it’s important for a person to know for sure if it is time for a new wardrobe. To determine this, they will need to go to the Source, the closet. Keep reading to know it is time for a new wardrobe here.

Clothing with Pilling or that are Fuzzy

Take a look at the sweaters and cardigans in the closet. Do they have those pesky pilings all over the place? One option is to take these items to the cleaners, where they can be restored, or a person can just get rid of them.


Under Arm Stains

Another sign it’s time for new items for a wardrobe is if there are underarm stains present. Not only is this pretty gross, it’s a sign that a shirt, sweater, jacket or another type of top has reached the end of its useful life. Don’t hang on to it, just let it go.

Too Much Time is Spent Planning an Outfit

When it comes to planning an outfit, the process should be pretty simple. However, if a person begins spending more time planning their outfit, than actually going and being out, then this is a problem. It means the wardrobe is past it’s prime and that it needs a bit of freshening up to make it easier to plan and put together an outfit.

When a person decides it’s time for a new wardrobe, even if it’s only a few items, they need to find a great Source of items. One way to do this is by going online. Take some time to check out the online boutiques, where a wide array of unique and affordable clothing items can be found. Being informed is the best way to know if a new wardrobe is needed.